Our animals are raised locally and humanely, without the use of antibiotics or growth-hormones. By bringing our herd up on a grass-fed diet, we can make sure that our burgers, roasts, and steaks offer the best in both nutrition and flavor. Our selection is available now for purchase in person and you can find us at the Galena Territory Farmer's Market in Jo Daviess County, IL.

You can contact us by phone or email with questions or orders, or stay informed on what we're up to by following us on twitter @FourCreeksBison, by checking us out on Pinterest, or by liking us on Facebook.


About Us


Four Creeks Bison Co. is a father-son operation in northwest Illinois, about 15 miles east of Galena. We’re third and fourth generation farmers at this location and we have been raising bison here for more than fifteen years. Our decision to farm bison was inspired by our land-ethic and a desire to try something different. Off the farm we each do our own thing, but all day everyday, we’re farmers and foodies committed to producing as well as eating exceptional food.

We’re convinced that the quality of our products is rooted in the land as well as the species and in order to maintain a natural advantage, our herd is managed non-intrusively, without antibiotics or growth hormones. With plenty of room to roam, our animals graze on a variety of Illinois grasses and are wintered with hay made exclusively from the same. The herd also enjoys some occasional apples, hand-picked and hand-fed, from the old orchard on the farm.

We know good food doesn’t mean much unless you have someone to share it with. Four Creeks Bison Company is committed to bringing quality meat to anyone and everyone interested in eating healthy, naturally, or sustainably. Although we believe that meat doesn’t always need to be something special, boy can it ever be. We’ll help you bring unique and nutritious dishes to your table by sharing what our family has learned over the years. Check out our Facebook and Pinterest pages for recipes and tips for cooking bison, or follow us on Twitter for updates from the farm and farmer's markets. Or come give us a visit and see how great bison meat makes it from our farm to your plate!




Galena Territory Farmer's Market:

Near the Owner's Club


Every Other Weekend:

May 29th

June 19th

July 3rd, 10th, 24th

August 7th, 21st

September 4th, 18th

October 9th

Come visit us!


Contact Us

For purchases in or around Jo Daviess County, please contact Jeff Williams at:

815 . 541 . 8105

For purchases in the Chicago area, please contact Jake Williams at:

815 . 281 . 0067

Or you can email us at:


Don't forget to check out our recipes on Facebook and Pinterest and follow us on Twitter for news from the farm and markets.

Farm visits are possible, but only if arranged in advance.